Project PAI - Hybrid Consensus vs Decred Comparison

Project PAI: Hybrid Consensus Comparison to Decred (DCR)


The Project PAI Blockchain recently forked to a new PoW/PoS Hybrid that was greatly inspired by the work of the Decred team. This document attempts to lay out the similarities and differences between the two implementations.


PAI Decred
Total Coin Supply 2.1B PAI 21M DCR
Divisible Yes (9 decimal places) Yes (9 decimal places)
Circulating Supply 1.496B PAI 12.454M DCR


PAI Decred
Block Maturity 100 Confirmations 256 confirmations
Block Find Target 10 Minutes 5 Minutes
Stake Voucher Maturity 256 blocks 256 blocks
Stake Voucher Pool Target 40,960 vouchers 40,960 vouchers
Stake Voucher Expiry 40,960 blocks 40,960 blocks
Max Fresh Vouchers per Block 20 20


PAI Decred
Public Mining Yes Yes
PoW Hashing Algorithm SHA-3/SHAKE-256 BLAKE-256
ASIC Availability Not Available Available
PoW Block Subsidy 40% 60%
PoS Block Subsidy 60% 30%
Project Subsidy 0% 10% – Decred Treasury

Port Details

PAI (Mainnet) PAI (Testnet) Decred (Mainnet) Decred (Testnet)
Daemon P2P Port 8567 18567 9108 19108
Daemon RPC Port 8566 18566 9109 19109
Wallet RPC Port 8566 (Part of paicoind) 18566 (Part of paicoind) 9110 (Separate/dcrwallet) 19110 (Separate/dcrwallet)


We hope that this comparison between Decred and PAI will help you better understand Project PAI’s innovative technology.

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