PAI Data: Summary of the Project PAI Data Protocol

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The Project PAI Data Protocol (“PAI Data”) is a specification that extends the Project PAI Blockchain Protocol to include a method of securing and provisioning access to arbitrary data. In the context of PAI Coin Development Proposal (PDP) 2, this paper defines two important transaction types that PAI Data supports: Storage Transactions, which facilitate storage of data and proof of ownership, and Sharing Transactions, designed to enable granting and revocation of data access to designated recipients. A comparative analysis of PAI Data against similar blockchain-based file storage systems is also presented.

Compared with similar blockchain-based file storage systems, PAI Data’s advantages include but not limited to lower barrier to entry for storage providers, more flexibility in storage payment and higher efficiency in data transfer.

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Project PAI数据协议(“PAI数据”)是对Project PAI区块链协议扩展的一个规范,用来对
任意数据进行保护和访问权限管理。PAI数据主要支持两种重要的交易类型:存储交易与共享交易。 存储交易借助PAI区块链存储数据,可以用于对存储的数据的所有权进行声明;共享交易可用于在数据发送者与指定接受者之间授予或者撤销数据访问权,以此实现数据共享。


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