I was scrolling back through old blog posts and stumbled across this one regarding Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One’ and PAI technology:

The movie trailer is a perfect visual of what the future of PAI technology may have in store for its’ users. From the actual 3D imaging of oneself to virtual currency to a digital footprint, this movie trailer offers a nice parallel, and a more visual understanding, to Project PAI. Hoping to see the full movie before it leaves theaters!

@mgnemickas I’m so glad you brought this up! I saw the movie (loved it😍) and couldn’t help myself from thinking about the parallels Project PAI & PAI Coin had with the movie.

Dope clip, can’t wait for all the peace out homiez of genX to get reborn with a heaven I helped in… ;/ Happy 4th and damn the pigs for taking our 1st amendment right to cuss

I have to see that movie!! I think it is so cool that movies are representing events in real life such as the one you mentioned @megnemickas

Hey guys, I emailed the support team and they told me about check it out

The movie Surrogate might be along the same lines as well.