Providing tech support to community

Dear community members. It is our goal to answer any tech related concerns and issues in a reasonable time frame while ensuring good and safe user experience. It is our goal to also provide round the clock service and triage issues based upon priority and severity. If you encounter any issues hereon, we suggest the following:

1. Check the Tech support section to see if the issue you have has been reported by other users as well and if there is a resolution available for it. If you see an issue similar to yours, then please subscribe to the issue as well and follow it for further updates. Please feel free to also reply to the post by mentioning that you are also having the same issue which will lead to the issue being given higher priority.
2. Post the issue along with any non-private/ non-confidential information in the Tech Support section of PAI Forum.
3. Provide any screen shots as well (make sure you do not share any private/ confidential information).

The community leaders go through PAI Forum on a regular basis and will get in touch with you if needed for additional informatin. All common issues are also updated in real time and on a regular basis in PAI Forum.

Thanks again for your support and understanding.