Pokemon GO with PAI Celebrities and People?

Kudos to 哈哈偶 for the suggestion!

[QUOTE username=哈哈偶 userid=7103759 postid=1310976778]一句话概括思路,就是:把精灵宝可梦GO游戏中的卡通形象改为PAI形象,打造一款“基于线下实地寻宝模式的线上PAI社交”DAPP。

1. 最开始引导用户使用本DAPP时,采用一些营销和激励手段,比如某明星的PAI,放置在在某城市地标建筑物附近(以下称“放宝者”),第1个和第100个寻宝成功者获得“与明星PAI形象合拍MV”“免费参加演唱会”之类的奖励;

2. 寻宝可以是“地理坐标提示及实物匹配”方式,即DAPP实时更新寻宝者的GPS定位,当与放宝地点GPS位置在200米距离内时,开始提示附近有宝,当寻宝者拍摄到匹配的实物场景时,寻宝成功、弹出放宝者的PAI形象及PAI形象的歌舞或自我介绍等演示

3. 如果寻宝者对放宝者的PAI有兴趣,可以付一定的PAI币查看对方一些详细信息介绍、向对方发送加好友请求等



I think if we change the Pokemon you can catch into celebrities you can watch to sing and dance, that could be really cool, especially in the form of a DAPP with prizes and incentives.

  1. To first promote the app, some kind of celebrity reward could be provided. The celebrity will be placed at an initial landmark (marker), and people can come up to interact with this Celebrity PAI to get rewarded. The first person who found it and the 100th person who found the Celebrity PAI can get special rewards, such as merchandise. For example, in the case of a singer it can be a concert ticket.

  2. The DAPP updates the GPS location of the user in real time, and when the user is within 200 meters of a potential Celebrity PAI Landmark, it starts to prompt the nearby user for a reward. When the actual real-life location matches the landmark, the celebrity PAI would be singing and dancing, or can give a self-introduction and a reward is given.

  3. Over time, this can also extend to users placing their own landmarks and represented by their own PAI. If a user who comes across another person’s own PAI wants more information to interact or message the person, they can pay PAI Coin to unlock messaging or contact capabilities.