Performance of Chain Analysis on The PAI Coin Explorer

In this video, we’ll show you how to perform a chain analysis of PAI Chain. Whenever you send or receive PAI Coin, you’ll see it recorded on , which is the Blockchain explorer for PAI Coin. To find the specific transaction you’ve made, you can copy and paste the transaction ID. You can find the transaction ID by checking ‘More Details’ for a specific transaction. The transaction will first go to the PAI Coin Mempool at The PAI Coin Mempool is a place in which the transaction needs to be confirmed in a block. For people who are receiving PAI Coin, you can also find the Transaction ID the same way: Copy the transaction ID under ‘More Details’ and paste it into the explorer. Once the transaction is included in a block, you’ll be able to find it on the PAI Coin Explorer at . The information provided, such as the sender and recipient public addresses, and the amounts that were sent, should be consistent for both the sender and recipient looking up the transaction ID. Over time, by clicking on the last address to which coin was sent to, you can trace its transaction history on the PAI Coin Explorer.

在这个视频中,我们将向您展示如何对PAI Chain进行链分析。 每当您发送或接收PAI币时,都可以在PAI币的区块链浏览器 上看到相应的交易记录。 您可以复制并粘贴交易ID来查找您进行的指定交易。您可以通过点击“更多详细信息”来寻找特定交易的对应ID。 交易会首先转到的PAI币内存池. PAI Coin Mempool是需要在一个区块中确认交易的地方。 对于使用PAI币的人,您也可以通过以下方式找到交易ID:将“更多详细信息”中的交易ID复制粘贴到资源管理器中。 一旦交易被记录在一个区块中,您就可以通过PAI币浏览器 找到它。 系统所提供的信息(例如发件人和收件人的公共地址和已发送的金额)对于发件人和收件人查找交易ID均保持一致。 任何时候,您都可以通过单击PAI币发送到的最后一个地址在PAI币浏览器上跟踪它的交易记录。