PAI Newsletter ? - April 13, 2020

PAI Newsletter 📰 - April 13, 2020

Hi, everyone! 👋Welcome to the second edition of the revamped PAI Newsletter. There has been a lot of engagement the past week on PAI Coin Pool, so let’s start with some stats… 📊


Pool hash rate over time

The chart above shows PAI Coin Pool’s global average hash rate over time for the past week. Overall, the average hash rate is 215 MH/s, equivalent to over 2000 regular CPUs running PAI Miner at its standard rate. As you can see, virtually all of the spikes in hash rate occur during daytime hours in China, where most of PCP’s users are located.

Distribution of staking periods


Of the 60.7 MILLION PAI Coin currently staked, 91% of it—or about 55.5 million PAI Coin—is staked for 1 year!

An additional 1% is staked for 46 weeks, 4% is staked for a month, and the rest is distributed among the other staking durations.

Now, that’s dedication! 👏

What we’re working on 👷

Last week, the team continued working on PAI Coin Pool optimizations, plugging away at PAI Hybrid Consensus, and began an effort to migrate PAI Forum to a new framework.

PAI Coin Pool

Last week, for PAI Coin Pool, the team focused on optimization work and infrastructure work.


Continuing on the previous week’s optimization work to support higher-than-expected hash rates, we have implemented further optimizations that will allow the platform to scale more efficiently and reliably as our user base grows.

👉Hong Kong Testnet

Our DevOps team set up a copy of PAI Coin Pool in Hong Kong which uses the PAI Coin testnet.

PAI Coin Pool HK testnet

PAI chain explorer HK testnet

This week, we’ll work with YOU on PAI Miner Connectivity testing. We also plan to begin implementing the PAI Coin Pool sign-up bonus and referral system. We had originally planned to start that work last week, but the Hong Kong testnet setup delayed us a bit. Finally, we will have another withdrawal approval period starting on April 15 at 9 AM PDT.

👉Mining Connectivity Testing

We’ll need your help with testing the Hong Kong version of PAI Coin Pool. Your tests will confirm whether or not relocating to Hong Kong resolves the PAI Miner connectivity issues that you’ve brought to our attention. To compensate you for your time and resources, any testnet coin that you mine in Hong Kong will be converted to real PAI Coin and deposited in your official PAI Coin Pool account. The details on how to participate and make sure you receive your reward can be found here:

👉Feature Developments

The team shared a proposal for increasing user engagement via incentives like Referral Bonuses, Sign-up Bonuses, and Tiered Block Rewards. Planning for these features has been underway and development will start this week.

PAI Hybrid Consensus

PAI Hybrid Consensus is a BIG project. It’s been quietly underway for a long time, and we’re making good progress. Because Hybrid Consensus is an open-source project, you can always check the latest code commits on Project PAI’s GitHub and read the proposal here:

REMEMBER: PAI Hybrid Consensus is the initiative that’s key to fully decentralizing PAI Coin and realizing our collective vision.

Once launched, the current Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism that PAI Coin uses will be replaced by a Hybrid Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake protocol.

✅Latest Commits

In the coming weeks, we will release a long-term roadmap and projection for launching PAI Hybrid Consensus and further decentralizing the PAI Blockchain.

PAI Forum

We have considered moving away from the current PAI Forum technology for some time. After a great deal of research and discussions -- the Discourse open source forum software has been selected as the new backbone for the PAI Forum community.

For more information about Discourse, you can check out and the Discourse open source codebase on Github. The current priority is to migrate existing forum data and users to the new Discourse platform. Upcoming newsletters will include updates about the forum transition progress as well as highlight exciting new forum features.

PAI Pass

PAI Pass has been undergoing internal testing and has now reached a stage where it can be used as a single-sign-on service for web applications. The current PAI Pass implementation supports storage and retrieval of PAI Pass user data via PDP2. This decentralized storage feature pushes encrypted user data to a BitTorrent network -- so that users can download their data even if PAI Pass servers are unavailable.

What YOU Can Do To Help 👀

While the developers at Project PAI are hard at work on these amazing projects, here are some opportunities for you to provide feedback and participate in the PAI Ecosystem!

Hong Kong Testnet Mining: The engineers at PCP have opened up a test website based in Hong Kong to test mining connectivity issues people have been reporting over the past few weeks. The Hong Kong testnet will be using a new separate reward pool, and will not have any effect on mining activity on the Mainnet. Find out more about how to participate here:

PAI Up Web Wallet Testing: The PAI Up Web Wallet is a new way for users to be able to access their PAI Coin beyond their mobile devices. Project PAI is looking for testers to try out the platform and provide feedback. Check out the PAI Forum post to participate:

Internet Latency Test: Over the past few weeks, we’ve been getting feedback on some issues with connecting to some PAI initiatives, such as PAI Coin Pool and using the PAI Miner software. Project PAI is looking into solutions for improving network connectivity for the community, with the first of these being an Internet Connectivity Test you can be involved in! Check out the PAI Forum post to participate:

Seeking Game Developers: Project PAI is seeking game developers to create fun games for the PAI Community! Check out the PAI Forum post to participate:

Other than that, and as always...

Keep giving feedback 👂

Post new ideas and content on PAI Forum 💡

Spread the word 🎤

What’s Happening in the PAI Community❓

PAI Forum ( ) is the go-to source for the most up-to-date information and announcements about Project PAI and PAI Coin. You can participate in discussions, ask questions, submit ideas, and review all of the interesting posts to get up to speed on the latest events in the PAI Community. Here’s some of the best from this week:


Let us know.


Thank you for your support!