PAI News 📰 - September 23, 2020

PAI News :newspaper: - September 23, 2020

25th Edition

Hard Fork Announcements & Information :speaker:

The PAI Coin Mainnet Hard Fork will occur at block height 154,550, corresponding to approximately 10:30 AM Pacific Time (5:30 PM UTC) on October, 6, 2020.

The transition to Hybrid Consensus will begin with the hard fork and proceed according to the following timeline.

*The dates and times are only an approximation; block times are inherently random.

:point_right: PAI Coin Pool deposits and withdrawals will be suspended starting a few hours before the fork on October 6, 2020 until the transition to Hybrid Consensus is complete. Deposits and withdrawals will be resumed as soon as the stability of the forked blockchain is confirmed. More specific dates and times will be announced closer to the fork, when the estimates will be more accurate.

:point_right:If you use PAI Up Mobile, WRITE DOWN YOUR PAPER KEY according to the instructions below. You will need this to restore your wallet on the new version of PAI Up, which will be a separate app, and/or PAI Up Web Wallet.

:point_right: Here is additional information relevant to the fork:

  • How to prepare for the Hybrid Consensus hard fork:
  • How to setup and maintain a PAI Coin Full Node:
  • How mining and staking on PAI Coin Pool will change after the Hybrid Fork:
  • How to solo stake: Coming soon!
  • How to solo mine: Coming soon!

Write Down Your PAI Up Paper Key :memo:

In your PAI Up Mobile, go to Menu → Security Settings → Paper Key → Write Down Paper Key Again. Enter your PIN, then physically write down the 12 words that are displayed and store them in a safe place.

PAI Hybrid Consensus

Here’s a snapshot :camera: of development work the team has been focused on:

  • resolved Stratum serialization issues between MiningCore and cpuminer;
  • set up a full test system composed of paicoin, mining core and cpuminer;
  • started work on payment system updates;
  • finalized cpuminer changes for Stratum integration after hybrid consensus fork;
  • worked on enabling single solution per mining job in cpuminer;
  • added configurable initial difficulty after hybrid consensus fork in paicoin;
  • added configurable expiration of coinbase address whitelist after stake validation height;
  • investigated special transaction validation issues before hybrid consensus fork;
  • investigated an issue where there were too many revocations and purchases in the mempool conflicting with existing ones, added checks in the auto-revoker and auto-buyer to check mempool before buying to avoid these conflicts;
  • added code in CreateNewBlock to wait for more votes, in case they are in transit, to allow mined blocks to include as many votes as possible

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Thank you for your support! :pray:

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