PAI News 📰 - September 14, 2020

PAI News :newspaper: - September 14, 2020

24th Edition

Announcements :computer:

  • :exclamation:IMPORTANT :exclamation: This post outlines how you can prepare for the upcoming Hybrid consensus fork.

  • :point_right:USEFUL INFO :point_right:Read this post to learn more about how staking and mining will change after the Hybrid fork.

  • The newly revised Hybrid Launch Roadmap and Timeline is now available in English, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

  • To encourage more participation, the deadlines for ALL Project PAI Developer Challenge has been extended indefinitely. We will announce a cutoff date in the future, once an adequate number of submissions have been received. Submit your work any time to

    • Remember: All high-quality submissions will be rewarded with 1,500 PAI and the best submission is eligible for a Grand Prize of 15,000 PAI. Don’t miss out!
  • Reminder: If you need to access your PAI Up Wallet across multiple devices, the PAI Up Web Wallet is another way to do so. You can send, receive, and manage your PAI Coin securely from all major web browsers. Access your wallet on now at

PAI Weekly Updates :computer:

PAI Coin Pool Gold :1st_place_medal:

We heard you had some questions about PCP Gold. So, we’re here to answer them!

When will PCP Gold be launched?

There is no development timeline yet. PCP Gold is currently in a research and product development stage. Once the Hybrid hard fork is completed, the Core Contributors will focus on other Project PAI initiatives, possibly including PCP Gold, but there is no guarantee that PCP Gold will ever be implemented. It depends on the amount of interest shown from PCP users.

What is the purpose of the sign-up form at

We are simply collecting a list of community members that might want to use PCP Gold. This allows us to gauge interest, and if the project is green lit, collect feedback on product design, and what features to include, from the people who will actually be using PCP Gold.

:point_right:If you signed up through, you will receive an email about PCP Gold when there is a status update on development. Stay tuned.

:point_right:Further, if PCP Gold is launched, all users who signed up through will be entitled to a discounted membership fee.

What is the purpose of the PAI Celebrity Series Live Streams?

The PAI Celebrity Series Live Streams will be a part of the PCP Gold offering. If PCP Gold is launched, only PCP Gold members will be able to access and view certain live streams. The recent Live Stream events with NBA Skills Trainer Rob Mac & Top Chef Ron Duprat were intended to be teasers to allow everyone to see the type of content that would be available through a PCP Gold subscription. The purpose of them is for you all to enjoy them!

PCP Gold Early Access

We hope that the above PCP Gold FAQ helped clear up some of your confusion. Please consider signing up for PCP Gold Early Access if you’re interested in learning more about future developments!

Tiered Staking Rewards :person_climbing:

Reminder! :point_up:All users have the opportunity to earn more PAI Coin through staking if the total amount staked increases past certain thresholds.

Current total amount staked:

64.3 million PAI

Next threshold:

75 million PAI

Block reward will increase to:

100 PAI (+33%)

Stake more today!

Ongoing Developer Challenges

Here’s a complete list of all the ongoing Project PAI challenges. The deadlines are approaching quickly, so submit your work soon! Project descriptions are available in the July 27 Newsletter: PAI News 📰 - July 27, 2020

Title Type Deadline Participant Reward Grand Prize
PCP UI/UX Design Design/Product TBD 1,500 PAI 15,000 PAI
PoUW Docker Machine Setup Coding TBD 1,500 PAI 6,000 PAI
PoUW Byzantine Detector Coding/Research TBD 1,500 PAI 6,000 PAI
PoUW General Computation Coding TBD 1,500 PAI 6,000 PAI
PoUW Grafana Dashboard Coding September 25, 2020 1,500 PAI 30,000 PAI
PoUW Merkle History Log Coding/Research October 23, 2020 1,500 PAI 60,000 PAI

PAI Hybrid Consensus

The Project PAI Core Developers have released the September roadmap for Hybrid Consensus launch. The hard fork is tentatively scheduled for September 30 (Note that it is only possible to schedule the fork to occur when the PAI Blockchain reaches a specific height/length, not at a specific date and time.)

Here’s a more detailed snapshot :camera: of development progress being made:

  • Finalized serialization in mining core to account for the new fields present in hybrid consensus block headers;
  • Implemented logic for the Stratum protocol in mining core to be able to work with hybrid consensus;
  • Implemented structural block validations in mobile wallet core;
  • Implemented contextual validations for hybrid consensus in the mobile wallet;
  • Resolved issues with address loading and chain initialization in the mobile wallet;
  • Updated the node wallet to discard useless ticket change outputs when funding a transaction;
  • Investigated blockchain stalling issues due to low funds on an internal experimental blockchain;
  • Added supplementary validations to the Stratum implementation of cpuminer

Questions? Comments? Feedback?

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Thank you for your support! :pray: