PAI News πŸ“° - October 5, 2020

PAI News :newspaper: - October 5, 2020

27th Edition

Announcements & Reminders :speaker:

:exclamation:The PAI Coin Mainnet Hard Fork will occur at block height 154,550, now corresponding to approximately 9:50 PM Pacific Time on October 6, 2020. (4:50 AM UTC on October 7, 2020) :exclamation:

:clock2: Track the countdown here: :clock5:

:iphone:PAI Up iOS is IN REVIEW for official listing in the Apple App Store. Stay tuned for further updates. :crossed_fingers:

:pause_button:PAI Coin Pool deposits and withdrawals will be suspended starting at 7 PM UTC on October 5, 2020 until successful completion of the hard fork and the subsequent Interim Transition Period (ITP).

:computer:More details about any necessary service suspension of PAI Up Web Wallet will be released shortly.

:point_right: More Information about the upcoming Hybrid fork:

:point_right:If you use PAI Up Mobile, WRITE DOWN YOUR PAPER KEY according to the instructions below. You will need this to restore your wallet on the new version of PAI Up, which will be a separate app, and/or PAI Up Web Wallet.

Write Down Your PAI Up Paper Key :memo:

In your PAI Up Mobile, go to Menu β†’ Security Settings β†’ Paper Key β†’ Write Down Paper Key Again. Enter your PIN, then physically write down the 12 words that are displayed and store them in a safe place.

Promotions :red_gift_envelope:

  • Set up a full node and have your PAI Coin Pool account topped up every month that it’s online! Set up a full node according to these instructions, then email from the email address associated with your PCP account. In the email, include the IP address or URL of your full node.
  • Don’t forget about the ongoing Project PAI Developer Challenges! Here’s a complete list. Note that all deadlines have been extended indefinitely. PAI News πŸ“° - July 27, 2020
Title Type Participant Reward Grand Prize
PCP UI/UX Design Design/Product 1,500 PAI 15,000 PAI
PoUW Docker Machine Setup Coding 1,500 PAI 6,000 PAI
PoUW Byzantine Detector Coding/Research 1,500 PAI 6,000 PAI
PoUW General Computation Coding 1,500 PAI 6,000 PAI
PoUW Grafana Dashboard Coding 1,500 PAI 30,000 PAI
PoUW Merkle History Log Coding/Research 1,500 PAI 60,000 PAI

PAI Hybrid Consensus

Here’s a snapshot :camera: of development work the team has been focused on:

  • Implemented mining for new Hybrid Consensus in PAI Miner;
  • Updated block and transaction validation according to Hybrid Consensus in PAI Up Mobile;
  • Updated the iOS version of PAI Up with the latest UI elements;
  • New payment processing for block rewards (PCP vs non-PCP);
  • New payment processing for staking rewards;
  • Ensemble unit tests for cpuminer, paicoin, and pai-miningcore;
  • Adjustments to accommodate both old & new payment processing methods for seamless transition upon fork;
  • Ongoing work to update getblocktemplate to only move to the next block once three votes are received

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