PAI News ? - June 1, 2020

PAI News 📰 - June 1, 2020

Announcements 📣


  • We’re hosting another PAI Coin Pool Promotion! Stake at least 100,000 PAI and get a 3,000 PAI bonus. See details in the graphic above.

  • The success of the PAI Coin Pool Referral System continues! 🎉 Check out more statistics above. Thank you to everyone who is participating. Keep it up to earn more PAI Coin Referral Rewards!

PAI Weekly Updates 💻

PAI Coin Pool

Last week, an interactive UI that shows each user their progress toward a promotional bonus was completed. Keep an eye out for it in the upcoming promotion!

This week, we’ll complete work on a UI for tracking Referral System statistics. With it, users can easily keep track of the number of Referrals they’ve successfully completed and how much extra PAI Coin they’ve earned.

HONG KONG TESTERS - Your PAI Coin award will be sent THIS WEEK. Check your PCP Account Activity for the payment. Thanks for your patience!


PAI Hybrid Consensus

Here’s a snapshot 📷 of some of the commits / PRs and progress we made last week:

  • Completed missing RPC implementations including getstakeinfo, revoketicket, revoketickets, startautorevoker, stopautorevoker, and autorevokerconfig
  • Implemented wallet functionality for revocation of missing and expired tickets
  • Started configuring Docker containers for testnet

PAI Forum & PAI Pass

  • PAIForum accessibility issues have been resolved, but latency is an ongoing concern for users in specific geographies. The forum software supports CDN integration as well as edge caching technologies to improve those latency issues. Work is being done to integrate CDN and caching infrastructure to resolve the latency concerns. After an additional round of testing, the forum can be made live when the latency concern is resolved.
  • PAIPass is also having work done on optimizing scaling infrastructure. This week saw a 49% reduction in the application docker image and a 60% reduction in the backend docker image.

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