PAI Music Idea

Kudos to user z. for the comment!

[QUOTE username=z. userid=7105589 postid=1310978065]我觉得每个人就算不唱歌也会听歌,然而音乐播放器其实挺单调,听了这么多年歌都没有太大的改变,我觉得PAI和音乐结合,是一个不错的选择,不仅利于项目推广、让人们熟知更是一个不错的项目,很多人都乐于分享自己唱的歌或听的歌,还能吸引更多平台来考虑合作,目前世界上没有一家搞这方面。

Even though not a lot of people sing, they still listen to music, and music over time with the same genres and styles can get monotonous over time. However, music is evolving in that there are people who both like to post themselves singing their own songs or share their favorite music, and it could be a good place where PAI can come in.

PAI can make this happen by working with a platform or push itself as a product to do so. PAI music can fit well with players in the area like KTV or QQ Music, Netease, or KuGou music.

Customization and revenue options can be clothes, dance moves, and skins that you can see in games like PUBG.