ObEN (Project PAI's early adopter) hitting up 2 career fairs in one day

Hitting up two career fairs in a single day at UC Berkeley and University of Southern California and meeting some great blockchain talent. Engineers and researchers wanted! Please visit https://oben.me/careers/

ObEN at UC Berkeley Blockchain Career Fair:
12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg

ObEN at USC International Career Fair:

15.jpg 16.jpg

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So exciting to see ObEN searching for new talent around college campuses! Any plans to visit the University of Michigan in the fall? Would love to hear more about the opportunities this company has for students pursuing a career in the business/marketing side of the spectrum.

Very nice to see that ObEN is doing an amazing job of searching for new talent and also spreading the word of this amazing project! As alaism mentioned above I would love to see a visit to the University of Michigan and surrounding colleges so that I and other students from Michigan can hear about this company. Any plans to expand visits to the midwest area?

This is really cool to see that career fairs exist solely to recruit graduates to work in the blockchain field. Having only a minimal understanding of the blockchain field prior to getting involved in Project PAI, it is reassuring, and actually very inspiring, to see that everyone who does work for ObEN, and those who will work for the company in the near future, truly love blockchain and are actively seeking out careers in the specific field. Can’t wait to see how ObEN expands beyond the California area as the company continues to grow and prosper! I bet there are so many graduates who would LOVE to work for such a neat company and in the PAI development!

I second what @jmcmul and @alaism said! It would be amazing to see something like this at the University of Michigan EECS 183 showcase (an end of semester showcase for student’s final projects). Several other recruiters attend and it’s a great way to show students what else is out there in the Computer Science field and give them some inspiration into other aspects they could potentially pursue in their career.

Exactly what @gnydam said, at the end of the year for the University of Michigan in EECS 183 (electrical engineering and computer science) there is a showcase where companies come to see what projects students have created throughout the year and having ObEN there would be a perfect opportunity to get your name out there and show schools what you have to offer especially engineers, business majors, and computer science majors!