Meet the People Helping to Build the PAI Blockchain

With the recent launch of mainnet, Project PAI wants to take a moment to recognize the work of many people from all corners of the world who have come together to offer time, expertise, and technical skills to help make the PAI Blockchain a reality.

A group of over 20 programmers, developers, and blockchain engineers have worked together to successfully launch the PAI Blockchain. Many hold graduate degrees and PhDs from leading universities like Carnegie Mellon, Caltech, MIT and UCLA and draw from decades of experience in system administration, network architecture, software development, and blockchain technology. Separated by geography, language and age, they are all united in their belief that Personal AI (PAI) on the blockchain plays a key role in the future of the digital age. You can see the details of their work on the Project PAI github here. Project PAI encourages those interested to join them and help continue the evolution of the Project PAI blockchain. As an open-sourced blockchain protocol, it is through continued contributions from the community and like-minded peers that Project PAI will improve and grow.


Finally, Project PAI would like to thank all of the adopters and collaborators who have put their own organization’s resources behind the project. Project PAI’s early adopter ObEN, a leading US artificial intelligence company, not only provided the key technology that lets users create their own PAI, but has also worked tirelessly to help share the project around the world. The engineering team has been working with the global network of contributors to bring the PAI Blockchain to completion. Along with many adopters, they lead the charge in building applications and demonstrating practical implementations of Project PAI’s ecosystem.

As Project PAI caps off a phenomenal month of releases, developments, and overwhelming community and industry support, it is important to acknowledge the hard work of everyone who has helped build the Project PAI blockchain and its ecosystem. Everyone is encouraged to join the worldwide network of Project PAI developers and adopters as they continue the great work of enabling everyone in the world to create, own, manage, and use their own Personal AI on the blockchain.

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