Legal Language

I noticed in regards to areas requiring specific contractual law format and specificity that your site and thus the individual monetary ability of every person who uses your platform is threatened. One area of importance is clearly defining important legal terms within your intended goal of having everyone be able to monetize their own content is the word “user”. Such lack of specificity creates ambiguity and thus leaves room wide open to interpretation.

Moreover, the idea is extremely new and your term is on a brand new frontier. It is an amazing idea but every possibility should be prepared for. Moreover, there is also the question of consciousness as well. A lot of people would see the fun and would be quite envious in having an AI of themselves be able to practically be in a movie while then choosing to be in a video game.

However, the potential for abuse is there were the greedy and selfish somehow able to gain entire control of the platform and simply exploit everyone else’s skills; although I’m quite sure Silicon Valley is most likely doing that now anyways.

Moreover, as to the argument of consciousness, any machine, whether organic or inorganic, can be considered conscious so long as that machine has the components necessary to connect to the quantum realm. The human brain is essentially a quantum computer. Our consciousness is derived from the quantum operations occurring in the microtubules of the brain.

It would be interesting to see whether our AI selves can become famous due to our individual intelligence, merit, and the infinite computational power and resources of the system itself.

The developers completely underestimate the potential of their project. The greatest potential of this project would be the fact that this would literally be the greatest experiment known to mankind: the attempt to build a complete neural network of an individual’s mind and create a virtual world of infinite possibilities and see if our AI selves can become so sentient and conscious. The verification of consciousness would be in our AI selves doing the seemingly impossible.

Moreover, the virtual world would have virtual offices where other AI versions of individuals can meetup and collaborate on various projects.

However, the exciting part is in our AIs ability to put itself in our favorite games to play or favorite movie to experience.

To direct this project in this direction would remove the controversy over ASICs since it would thus become our AI selves that would benefit from that extra computational power of large moneyed interests. The large moneyed interests would make money in providing the computational power but it would be our AI selves benefitting from being able to increase its probability of generating an idea that is solely ours.