Congratulations to PAI Coin Pool’s Launch!

Hello Everyone,

PAI Coin Pool officially launched earlier in the past few days as of 5:00pm PST, on March 13, 2020. We thank you all for participating in this launch event, and making PAI Day 2020 a most memorable experience!

As of 5:00pm PST on March 14, we’ve got the following stats down so far for PCP’s Day One Launch:

Total Number of Users Mining and Staking: 342

Peak Computing Power: 521Mh/s

Highest Computing Power for a single user: 21.78Mh/s

Amount of PAI Coin deposited: 36+ million PAI Coin

Amount of PAI Coin staked: 13+ million PAI Coin

Amount of PAI Coin staked by a single user: 6+ million PAI Coin

On PAI Day, the blockchain community as also caught wind of PAI Coin Pool’s consensus mining mechanism and launch announcement, and reported by several blockchain media groups such as Bishijie, Mars Finance, Bixiaobai btc123, and many others.

Bishijie Announcement.jpg

Throughout Launch Day, some users encountered some problems and technical issues with mining. The Project PAI Foundation apologizes for any issues you encountered when using the PAI Coin Pool website and mining platform. Thank you for your support and understanding of Project PAI, and thank you for all your comments, feedback, and suggestions!

If you encounter any problems when using PAI Coin Pool, you can get in touch with the Project PAI team through PAI Forum. Our goal is to resolve all issues and products as quickly as possible to ensure the best user experience. We will provide technical feedback and advice based on the priority and urgency of your questions.

If you encounter any issues during this time, we recommend you do the following:

  1. Go to the technical support section of the PAI forum to see if your problem has been encountered by other users who posted there, and whether a solution has been provided. If you find a similar issue, please subscribe to the issue and follow it live updates. You are welcome to reply to this post at any time to inform us that you have encountered the same problem, which will effectively help us raise the priority of investigating and resolving the issue.
  1. Head to the "Tech Support" section of the PAI Forum to post and share information about the issue.

    Please remember NOT TO SHARE any personal information when posting these issues.
  1. We highly encourage people to provide screenshots (please ensure that personal information is not included in the screenshots) to ensure that we understand the issue in more detail.

Community leaders regularly participate in PAI Forum and will contact you when needed for more information. All FAQs are also updated regularly in PAI Forum.

Thank you again for your support and understanding, and we thank the global PAI community for their joint efforts for the prosperity of the Project PAI ecosystem. Project PAI looks forward to your participation and support!

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