10/19 - Hybrid Consensus Updates

Announcements :speaker:

:exclamation:Two major software updates are available for you this week.:exclamation:

  • Update #1: PAI Coin Core v2.0.2 :arrow_left:This one’s really important!
    • If you are running a full node, you should update to 2.0.2. If you don’t, you may not be getting the rewards you’ve earned from stake vouchers you’ve purchased!
  • Update #2: PAI Miner v2.0 :arrow_right: Windows | macOS | Linux
    • This version is updated to work with Hybrid Consensus.
    • Older versions of PAI Miner will no longer work with PAI Coin Pool.

Remember! Mining and staking are now PUBLIC.

:earth_americas: Anyone can now mine and stake—including you! :earth_asia:

PAI Hybrid Consensus

Here’s a snapshot :camera: of development work the team has been focused on:

  • [PAI Up Mobile] Worked on proper validation rules;
  • [PAI Up Mobile] Worked on extending block storage;
  • [PAI Up Mobile] Implemented chain work calculation;
  • [paicoind] Updated PAIcoinFramework to be able to use the new extended block header and to be able to solve blocks using the new hashing algorithm;
  • [paicoind] Implemented additional functional tests, there are now only 2 remaining;
  • [PoUW] Worked on simplifying PoUW message history by using history Merkle trees;
  • [PoUW] Worked on using Keras instead of MXNet as a higher abstraction layer for ML;
  • [PoUW] Looked into how to solve the network difficulty problem