10/12 - Hybrid Consensus Hard Fork Updates

:exclamation:The PAI Coin Mainnet Hard Fork occurred when the PAI Blockchain reached height 154,550 at 11:16 PM UTC on October 6, 2020.:exclamation:

:eyes: Here is the first block after the fork: https://bit.ly/3nxZ1qU :eyes:

:point_up: This began the Interim Transition Period (ITP), throughout which Stake Voucher purchases, Stake Voucher voting, and public mining were incrementally enabled. :point_up:

:checkered_flag: The ITP concluded when the PAI Blockchain reached height 155,718 which occurred at 9:48 PM UTC on October 11, 2020. :checkered_flag:

:point_right:PAI Coin is now a truly decentralized blockchain with completely unrestricted public mining and staking.:point_left:

ore Information about the ongoing transition to Hybrid Consensus:

:clock4:Check out paicountdown.com for a live countdown to upcoming blockchain events and a record of past events! :clock4:

PAI Hybrid Consensus

Here’s a snapshot :camera: of development work the team has been focused on:

  • Implemented fork detection and mining algorithm switch in PAI Miner;
  • Implemented new unit test cases for stake aware mining in PAI Miner;
  • Prepared release of PAI Up for iOS;
  • Updated PAI Up wallet for Android;
  • Investigated bugs with the mobile wallet and PAI Miner;
  • Fixed all failing unit tests in lottery_tests, miner_tests, ticket_tests, pow_tests;
  • Ongoing work to fix functional tests;
  • Tested new pai-miningcore payment processor rules;
  • Tested full system composed of pai-miningcore, cpuminer and paicoin/hybrid-consensus