09/28 - Hybrid Consensus Hard Fork Updates

:exclamation:The PAI Coin Mainnet Hard Fork will occur at block height 154,550, corresponding to approximately 10:30 AM Pacific Time (5:30 PM UTC) on October 6, 2020.:exclamation:

:point_right: More Information about the upcoming Hybrid fork:

:point_right:If you use PAI Up Mobile, WRITE DOWN YOUR PAPER KEY according to the instructions below. You will need this to restore your wallet on the new version of PAI Up, which will be a separate app, and/or PAI Up Web Wallet.

PAI Hybrid Consensus

Here’s a snapshot :camera: of development work the team has been focused on:

  • Resolved some edge case issues of SV and vote usage in mempool;
  • Updated validation code to permit special transactions in the existing testnet;
  • Implemented hybrid consensus PoW difficulty and transaction order validations in the mobile wallets;
  • iOS wallet rebranding;
  • Custom error displays in cpuminer;
  • Implemented new blockvoteswaittime flag for setting a vote wait time;
  • Added verbose and blockheight flags for certain informational RPC commands, such as getblock, getrawtransaction, getrawmempool, livetickets, missedtickets, winnigtickets, and gettickets;
  • modified PCP payment processing for block rewards to take into account blocks generated by the pool;