01/11 - Hybrid Consensus Updates


:warning: PAI Coin 2.2.0 is here! UPDATE TODAY.:warning:

:rotating_light: If you are solo staking, this update is highly recommended.:rotating_light:

To update, execute the following commands in the paicoin directory of your full node.

paicoin-cli stop # stop the node from currently running
git pull # pull the latest changes from the paicoin repo
git checkout 2.2.0 # switch to the latest release
make clean # uninstall your previous build
make # compile the new release
sudo make install # install at the system level
paicoind # restart your node

PAI Developer Updates :computer:

Here’s a snapshot :camera: of development work the team has been focused on:

  • [PAI Coin Core] Updates to PAI Coin Core for solo staking are in progress which will enable solo stakers to specify yes or no votes on blocks based on certain criteria such as coinbase address;
  • [PoUW] Documentation of the current state of progress and future roadmap is in progress;
  • [Hybrid Consensus] A comparison between the DCR (Decred) consensus mechanism, by which Project PAI was inspired, and PAI Coin’s newly launched hybrid consensus is being prepared;
  • [Catena NFT Marketplace]
    • Added the ability to edit and delete assets
    • Added price to asset modal
    • Changed external representation of users from email addresses to paicoin addresses
    • Cached images
    • Moved Catena Art from staging to production
    • Upgraded PAI PASS production to the most up-to-date version of the code