What is the Security Center?

The Security Center allows you to manage additional security features for your PAI Up.

6-digit PIN:
This PIN is used to unlock your wallet and send value. It prevents other people from accessing your PAI Up in case you let someone else use your phone.

Paper Key:
If you ever lose or upgrade your phone, you will need your Paper Key to restore your wallet on another device. It is not possible to recover your wallet if you lose both your phone and Paper Key, so write down your Paper Key and keep it safe!

Fingerprint / Touch ID:
While the 6-digit PIN is required to secure your wallet, you can also use your device’s fingerprint reader for convenience and added security. Using your fingerprint is quicker than entering a PIN, and if people are watching you unlock your wallet they won’t be able to see what your PIN is.

This option will only appear if your device has a fingerprint reader.