What are the transaction details?

This screen shows details about the transaction:

If the transaction status is “complete,” then the transaction has successfully gone through. If this is a transaction you sent, the value is now in the wallet of the recipient. If this is a transaction you received, the value is now in your wallet, ready to be spent.

If the status is not yet complete, this will show the current progress. If you are receiving the transaction, you will see an indicator once it is safe to spend the funds.

Here you can attach a note to the transaction to remind yourself what it was for. This memo will not be shared with anyone else and is only visible to you, but you can edit it at any time, even after the transaction has completed.

This shows detailed information about how much PAI Coin was sent, how much it was worth at the time, and other details about your balance.

At the bottom of this screen you will find additional technical details about the transaction. The PAI Coin transaction ID can be used as proof that a payment was made.