Technology of the PAI Blockchain with Dr. Mark Harvilla

Since the launch of the PAI Blockchain, the Project PAI community has been eager to hear about the technology behind the PAI blockchain and the future developments that are in the works.


In the video above Dr. Mark Harvilla, ObEN Chief Engineer and core contributor to the PAI blockchain, dives into the tech of the PAI Blockchain. Dr. Harvilla discusses topics like the three layers of the PAI Blockchain and the dual blockchain and torrent structure that helps formalize decentralized data exchange and enables a mechanism for user data control. He also previews some of the things the contributing developers are working on next, like a mechanism for proof-of-useful-work to alleviate the problem of computational energy waste.

Take a look (subtitles are available in English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese) and don’t forget to share your thoughts below!