REQUIRED UPDATE to paicoind v2.0.2

REQUIRED UPDATE to paicoind v2.0.2

For all network participants running a PAI Coin Full Node, please immediately update to v2.0.2. THIS IS A REQUIRED UPDATE. This patch includes the following changes:

  • Ensure that stake vouchers belonging to the node’s wallet are set to automatically vote when chosen and automatically be revoked if their vote is missed;
  • Resolve an issue that caused transactions to sometimes be ordered incorrectly when constructing a block;
  • Resolve an issue causing certain reindex operations to incorrectly fail when encountering the first block mined with a non-whitelist coinbase address specified

If you don’t do this update, you may not be receiving the rewards you deserve for stake vouchers you’ve purchased.

Execute these commands in your paicoin directory to update your node (first, stop the node from running by executing paicoin-cli stop):

git fetch --tags
git checkout 2.0.2
make clean
make install

You can then restart the node by running paicoind.

Verify that you have updated to the latest version by running paicoin-cli version, which should output:

“versionstring”: “v2.0.2.0-7e47aa7e6”,
“major”: 2,
“minor”: 0,
“patch”: 2,
“prerelease”: “”,
“buildmetadata”: “v2.0.2.0-7e47aa7e6”

Get a copy of the update here:
Update to PAI Coin Core 2.0.2.pdf (59.2 KB)