Project PAI community to participate in Livestream of "Artificial Intelligence and Storage and Computing on Blockchain"

At 8:00 pm on August 18th, Beijing time , the Project PAI community will host a livestream on “Artificial Intelligence and Storage and Computing on Blockchain” in collaboration with Chain Century Finance. Project PAI Special Advisor Dr. Yongzheng Jia will share AI and Blockchain and the latest technology integration of distributed storage. The livestream received strong support from blockchain media and communities such as Golden Finance, Coin World, and Blockchain, and it will be simultaneously broadcast live through hundreds of communities.

(Scan the QR code in the poster, and join the group to participate in the livestream)

Introduction to the Livestream:

With the popularity of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, researchers have realized that traditional CPU-centric big data processing is inefficient. Therefore, in order to make the processing performance and energy efficiency of data-intensive services higher, we began to explore new storage and computing technologies. The strategy of near-data computing technology is to transfer calculations to storage instead of transferring data from data sources to the CPU and then begin calculations. In blockchain, we need to build a unified decentralized storage and general computing architecture on the blockchain, which enables the effective integration of storage and computing on the blockchain, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the system. We will share the latest technological trends in this field with you through the explanation of cutting-edge theories and case sharing.

Time: 20:00 (8:00pm) on August 18, 2020

How to participate: Scan the QR code in the poster above, join the group and participate in the llivestream