PAI Up Web Wallet Testing Is Available!

Hello PAI Community Members,

We’d like to let fellow PAIyo’s know that the PAI Up Web Wallet is now available for testing. The PAI Up Web Wallet is a new platform to enable users to manage their PAI Coin. Besides the PAI Up Mobile Wallet, users can just as safely and securely access the PAI Up Web Wallet to send and receive PAI Coin across all major web browsers without having to install additional software.

If you’re interested in participating in this test and providing feedback to the PAI up dev team, please send a direct message to the admin ‘pai4eva’ in order to test out the PAI Up Web Wallet. Please note that the test URL will be sent out on a random basis. Also, we request that all feedback and suggestions and questions be posted here for this product.

Please also be aware that the Web Wallet is not optimized for speed and latency, so you may experience periods of slow connectivity when testing the Web Wallet.

If you’ve encountered any other issues or have any suggestions during testing, please let us know in the comments below.

We thank you again for your support.

Be great to test but guess it helps to have something to put in the wallet! ?