PAI UI/UX Challenge

:exclamation:Calling all UI/UX designers :exclamation:

As mentioned in last week’s PAI Hybrid Consensus Live Stream session with Dr. Mark Harvilla, we are making a call for UI/UX design proposals for PAI Coin Pool. Once Hybrid Consensus is launched, we are exploring the possibility of enabling users to directly purchase individual Stake Vouchers through PAI Coin Pool. We ask any UI/UX designers to submit proposals and ideas on how best to seamlessly integrate this feature into PCP. We encourage you to submit UI mock-ups, user flow diagrams, and a description of the User Experience (UX) you recommend. Send submissions to before August 18, 2020. All high-quality submissions will be rewarded with PAI Coin. A special Grand Prize will be awarded to the best submission and announced in the PAI Newsletter. More details to follow.