PAI Newsletter - April 4th, 2020

PAI Newsletter 📰

April 4, 2020

Welcome to the new PAI Newsletter! We want to add more content, more often, to keep you in the loop on exactly what’s happening with Project PAI. Please give us your feedback so we can improve every week. 😀

Project PAI’s vision has always been to empower users to take ownership of their personal data.

Whether that personal data is for creating a Personal Artificial Intelligence, or whether it’s your medical records, financial information, or a song you wrote and want to prove ownership of—it’s all data, and the PAI Blockchain can enable you to prove that it’s yours.

To take the next step in building an ecosystem that enables users to own, manage, and ultimately harness the value of their own personal data, we are pleased to announce PAI Pass. PAI Pass was jointly developed by P19 Inc. and J1149 Inc, third party supporters of Project PAI. At its heart, PAI Pass Is a Single Sign-on (SSO) service that leverages Project PAI’s data storage layer.

PAI Pass is designed to allow users to harness the full value of their data by opening up the features that allowed Oben to develop personalized avatars to other developers to offer users products and services that leverage their personal data. Project PAI, P19 Inc. and J1149 Inc. are pleased to announce that the PAI Pass codebase will be open source.

To this end, the current and upcoming Project PAI initiatives are:

  • Current Initiatives:
    • PAI Coin Pool - to make mining and staking easily accessible to everyone
    • PAI Up Wallet - to make transacting and storing PAI Coin easy, safe, and secure
    • PAI Hybrid Consensus - to make PAI Coin truly decentralized
    • PAI Forum - to facilitate the exchange of ideas about PAI
    • PAI Block Explorer ( ) - to easily and reliably see activity on the PAI Blockchain
  • Upcoming Initiatives:
    • PAI Pass - to simplify the process of data storage on the PAI Blockchain
    • PAI Proof of Useful Work (PoUW) - to reduce wasteful mining activities

What we’re working on 👷

Last week, the team was mostly focused on PAI Coin Pool ( )—the new mining, staking, and wallet platform launched last month—and PAI Hybrid Consensus, a safer mining and staking protocol that will allow PAI to operate in a more decentralized way.

PAI Coin Pool

Last week, for PAI Coin Pool, the team did some optimization work, testing, and squashed a UI bug 🐛.


We have to admit — we were pleasantly surprised by the high degree of interest in PAI Coin mining. (The pool hash rate exceeded 5 GH/s at one point! That’s a lot.) Because of this, one of the database tables that PAI Coin Pool uses to track activity grew really, really large, causing some slowdowns in the PCP Dashboard. To address this, PAI Coin developers reindexed the database table and further optimized the database query on the backend. Further optimization is planned for next week.


To prepare for our first round of withdrawals last week, some maintenance and testing was necessary to ensure withdrawals would go smoothly. Secondly, with your help, we have been testing reported connectivity issues from users in Mainland China. We’re using that information to determine the best way to permanently solve the problem. Stay tuned through this week.

👉UI Bug

Thanks to the PAI Community, we received a report of a UI bug that caused some deposits to appear twice. So, if you deposited, say, 100 PAI Coin, your account would show a balance of 200. An obscure UI bug caused this problem to occur for a very small number of users (less than 10, to be exact), and it’s been resolved.

This week, for PAI Coin Pool, we’ll be focused on further optimizations, ongoing testing, and feature developments.

👉Feature Developments

The team shared a proposal for increasing user engagement via incentives like Referral Bonuses, Sign-up Bonuses, and Tiered Block Rewards. Planning for these features has been underway and development will start this week.

PAI Hybrid Consensus

PAI Hybrid Consensus is a BIG project. It’s been quietly underway for a long time, and we’re making good progress. Because Hybrid Consensus is an open-source project, you can always check the latest code commits on Project PAI’s GitHub and read the proposal here:

PAI Hybrid Consensus is the initiative that’s key to fully decentralizing PAI Coin and realizing our collective vision.

Once launched, the current Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism that PAI Coin uses will be replaced by a Hybrid Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake protocol.

✅Latest Commits

In the coming weeks, we will release a long-term roadmap and projection for launching PAI Hybrid Consensus and further decentralizing the PAI Blockchain.

What YOU Can Do To Help 👀

While the developers at Project PAI are hard at work on these amazing projects, here are some opportunities for you to provide feedback and participate in the PAI Ecosystem!

PAI Up Web Wallet Testing: The PAI Up Web Wallet is a new way for users to be able to access their PAI Coin beyond their mobile devices. Project PAI is looking for testers to try out the platform and provide feedback. Check out the PAI Forum post to participate:

Internet Latency Test: Over the past few weeks, we’ve been getting feedback on some issues with connecting to some PAI initiatives, such as PAI Coin Pool and using the PAI Miner software. Project PAI is looking into solutions for improving network connectivity for the community, with the first of these being an Internet Connectivity Test you can be involved in! Check out the PAI Forum post to participate:

Seeking Game Developers: Project PAI is seeking game developers to create fun games for the PAI Community! Check out the PAI Forum post to participate:

Other than that...

Keep giving feedback 👂

Post new ideas and content on PAI Forum 💡

Spread the word 🎤

What’s Happening in the PAI Community❓

PAI Forum ( ) is the go-to source for the most up-to-date information and announcements about Project PAI and PAI Coin. You can participate in discussions, ask questions, submit ideas, and review all of the interesting posts to get up to speed on the latest events in the PAI Community. Here’s some of the best from this week:

Stats 📊

> 15 different countries are represented by PAI Coin Pool’s users. The TOP TWO countries with the most users are China and South Korea.

> Over 300 different users have mined PAI Coin on PAI Coin Pool.

> The total hash rate of PAI Coin Pool recently exceeded several gigahashes per second. The default hash rate of PAI Miner on a regular computer is 0.1 megahashes per second, so that’s equivalent to around 10,000 standard CPUs mining PAI Coin!

Notice of temporary suspension of PAIYO Services

Early adopter ObEN is moving PAIYO's related services and replanning its product roadmap. At present, the services of PAIYO android app will be suspended. The community will be kept updated with the latest progress. In the meantime, please move any PAI coin from PAIYO app to your PAI up wallet. Here’s also a tutorial on backing up your wallet:


Let us know.


Thank you for your support!