PAI News 📰 - July 20, 2020

PAI News :newspaper: - July 20, 2020

16th Edition

Welcome to the 16th edition of the revamped PAI Newsletter! There is a lot going on this week, we hope you enjoy the updates & announcements. :+1:

Announcements :computer:

  • PAI Coin is listed on two new exchanges: Livecoin and Alameda OTC
  • PAI Coin Pool is launching Tiered Staking Rewards! This feature will increase the amount of staking rewards all users earn when the total amount of PAI Coin staked on PAI Coin Pool passes certain levels. See the schedule below for more information.
  • PAI Coin Pool Gold is hosting a livestream event with leading NBA skills trainer, Rob Mac. Rob will talk about his experiences working with some of the best-known athletes in the NBA. All PAI community members are invited to join as a sneak peek into the type of engaging content that will be offered through PCP Gold.
  • Calling all UI/UX designers! Project PAI is presenting a challenge for proposals on how to integrate Stake Vouchers for Hybrid Consensus into PAI Coin Pool. Good submissions will be rewarded in PAI. See below for more details.

For each increase of 25 million PAI Coin staked across all users, the staking block reward will increase by 25 PAI Coin. The full list of tiers is available here. The tier will be updated weekly on Mondays and announcements will be made when the tier is changed. Note that the tier can be downgraded at any time if a significant decrease in staking activity occurs, so it is in everyone’s best interest not to cancel stakes that are in progress.

On August 8, 9:00am Beijing Time (August 7, 6:00pm PDT), PAI core contributors will be hosting an AMA livestream about the NBA featuring basketball trainer Rob Mac. Rob is a world-class professional basketball trainer who creates personalized, intensive training programs for basketball players of all levels, from high school players to NBA All Stars. Rob trains some of the top players in the NBA, including MVPs Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook.

Register your spot to meet Rob!

PAI Weekly Updates :computer:

PAI Coin Pool

Reminder that a new version of PAI Miner is available now! This new version introduces a status indicator allowing you to easily monitor the connectivity status of your app. The three states you may see are as follows:

  • Connected (Green Light): Indicates that PAI Miner is running and is connected to PAI Coin Pool.
  • Not Connected (Yellow Light): Indicates that PAI Miner is running, but cannot connect to PAI Coin Pool. In this case, you should check your internet connection.
  • Off (Red Light): Indicates that PAI Miner is not running. In this state, you can click “Start” at any time to begin mining.

Here are the download links. Install it today!




Remember to sign up for early access to PAI Coin Pool if you haven’t already:

PAI Coin Pool Gold Early Access

:exclamation:Calling all UI/UX designers :exclamation:

As mentioned in last week’s PAI Hybrid Consensus Live Stream session with Dr. Mark Harvilla, we are making a call for UI/UX design proposals for PAI Coin Pool. Once Hybrid Consensus is launched, we are exploring the possibility of enabling users to directly purchase individual Stake Vouchers through PAI Coin Pool. We ask any UI/UX designers to submit proposals and ideas on how best to seamlessly integrate this feature into PCP. We encourage you to submit UI mock-ups, user flow diagrams, and a description of the User Experience (UX) you recommend. Send submissions to before August 18, 2020. All high-quality submissions will be rewarded with PAI Coin. A special Grand Prize will be awarded to the best submission and announced in the PAI Newsletter. More details to follow.

PAI Hybrid Consensus

Here’s a snapshot :camera: of some of the commits / PRs and progress we made last week:

Proof of Useful Work

We’ve written extensive and thorough documentation for the Proof of Useful Work GitHub repository. The PAI developers encourage everyone to check out the fully functional, interactive codebase, and to submit any feedback. You can start by following the detailed tutorial for running the PoUW demo here :point_right:

Next week, we will announce a PAI Challenge Project on PoUW for developers in the PAI Community. Stay tuned!

PAI Forum & PAI Pass

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