PAI Coin Pool Tutorial Videos

PAI Coin Pool is a platform powered by PAI Coin for off-chain mining, staking, and storage of PAI Coin. It’s called a “pool” because users of the platform collaboratively stake and mine to earn PAI Coin rewards. You can earn PAI Coin in two ways: Mining and Staking. To mine, you simply download the PAI Miner application for Windows, Mac, or Linux and run it in the background on your computer. See below for some Installation Tips for Windows and macOS.

To stake, you must already have PAI Coin or earn them through mining. Choose a time to commit to—anything between 2 weeks and 1 year—and watch your PAI Coin value grow. Once the commit time expires, you will earn back your original PAI Coin amount, plus additional PAI Coin based on the amount of time you committed to and the base amount you staked.

Note that the official website for PAI Coin Pool is Any other address is a scam. Be careful with your digital assets.

Registration and Login

Staking PAI Coin

Download and Install the Miner on MacOS

Download and Install the Miner on Windows

How to Mine on MacOS

How to Mine on Windows