PAI Coin Pool HK Server Test


Hello PAI Community Members!

PCP has opened up a test website based in HK to potentially alleviate ongoing issues with the connectivity of the PAI Coin Pool mining experience. We’d like your participation to help us test this site and see if you’re still having connection issues. Here’s how to get involved!

Before you begin this test, please be aware of the following:

  1. After you create your account, DO NOT SEND or RECEIVE any real PAI Coin from any PAI Coin Mainnet or Exchange address to your testnet account. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR PAI COIN if you do this!

  2. The testnet PAI coins are not worth any amount of money like real PAI Coin.Please do not send these to any of your mainnet wallet addresses. You will lose them if you do so.

  3. If you signed up to the testnet account with the same username, email, and phone number from your PAI Coin Pool Mainnet account and let us know, PCP will reimburse PAI Coin to you for every PAI Coin you’ve mined via testnet at a 1:1 ratio.

Steps To Get Started with Testing

  1. Visit

  2. Create a new account. Check out the note below for more details.

  3. Download the testnet mining software.

  4. Start mining!

  5. If you want to claim PAI Coin from us, please dm the admin ‘pai4eva’ your username, email, phone number, and amount of testnet PAI coin mined to process this.

If you encounter any issues and can provide any feedback, please comment below.

We thank you again for your support!