PAI Care - Personal AI Avatar-Hosted Wellness Assistants for Remote Patient Monitoring

ObEN partnered with
MedStar Georgetown Hospital and MedStar Health Research Institute, one of the oldest and most prestigious teaching and research hospital groups in the US, for a study on the use of Personal AI (PAI) wellness assistants for patients living with chronic conditions such as heart failure. ObEN developed an innovative Avatar-based patient care management system (called PAI Care) that allows doctors to extend their medical care to the patient’s home reducing the chance of relapse of patient’s health while at home and costly emergency visits and/or hospital readmittance. Here is the official announcement:

PAI Care is a mobile app customized to each healthcare organization, used to monitor patients’ symptoms and state of health daily based on a prescribed daily health routine. A nurse’s PAI avatar (refered to as Tara) in the app asks the patient a series of questions designed to check how well the patient is adhering to the doctor’s instructions such as monitoring their weight, taking medications on time, and managing and reporting their food intake. The patient’s responses are transmitted immediately to a remote patient management center and displayed in a patient monitoring dashboard that displays the condition of the patient color-coded from Satisfactory (Green) to Critical (Red). Patients whose responses identify their case as critical also trigger immediate text and email alerts to health monitors on-call who contact the doctors for immediate follow-up. PAI Care is not meant to be a replacement for an emergency alert system but a very useful tool to help doctors detect worsening patient conditions before they happen and to intervene to correct the situation.

MedStar-Georgetown and ObEN are conducting several voice and PAI Care avatar-enabled healthcare studies which include grant funding from the
National Institute of Health (NIH), the primary agency of the United States government responsible for biomedical and public health research and one of the world’s leading medical research institutions. The use of PAI Care for remote patient management can be extended to other medical specialities and healthcare providers. The following presentation provides additional information on PAI Care and its potential use cases:

Medical application developers, hospitals, and physician groups can build on and extend PAI Care for their own remote patient management solutions. We are interested in hearing ideas on ways to bring PAI Care to life in different parts of the world and also collaborating with potential partners on it in ways to improve quality of life and care. Contact ObEN ( ) for additional information on PAI Care.