PAI Blockchain and PAI Data Storage Protocol provides Uncle Sabas Poppadoms with food origin tracking and supply chain management solutions

Uncle Saba’s is a leader in producing tasty, yet healthy protein-packed snacks available in top retailers around the world, in countries such as the USA, Singapore, Canada, China, Korea, and Japan. As part of our mission to promote sustainable eating, Uncle Saba’s is working on a Proof of Concept with the open-sourced PAI Blockchain to bring transparency and sustainability into the supply chain. When ready, a user will be able to scan a QR code on a canister of Uncle Saba’s to see information on the PAI Blockchain about raw materials used in the food product as well as their origins. Best efforts will be made to make information available in the local language of the buyer of the chip.

Therefore, we use the PAI blockchain and its data storage protocol. Having information on the blockchain here serves the purpose of ensuring that data reported along the supply chain of a canister of Uncle Saba’s is timely, accurate, and resistant to being tampered with. Conventional data tracking faces logistical and informational challenges such as having inaccurate or outdated data as a product moves from farm to fork.

The Project PAI Data Storage Protocol (“PAI Data”) is a specification that extends the Project PAI Blockchain Protocol to include a method of securing and provisioning access to arbitrary data. There are two important transactions types that PAI Data supports: Storage Transactions and Sharing Transactions. A storage transaction is used to store data via the PAI Blockchain and can be used to make a claim of ownership of the stored data; A sharing transaction is used to share data by enabling data access granting and revocation between a sender and a designated recipient via the PAI Blockchain.

Compared with similar blockchain-based file storage systems (e.g., IPFS/FileCoin, Storj, Permacoin, Spacemint, etc), PAI Data’s advantages include but not limited to lower barrier to entry for storage providers, more flexibility in storage payment and higher efficiency in data transfer. For details, welcome to review the Project PAI data storage protocol paper. In the future, we will synchronize with you the latest research progress and application of the PAI blockchain data storage protocol in time.

Uncle Saba’s has made an illustration available ahead of this Proof of Concept. You can scan the QR code below and see information about Saba chips on the PAI blockchain.

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Any feedback and suggestions for collaboration from developers or community members are also welcome as part of the journey for achieving sustainability and eating healthy foods.