Only one PAI is made per individual on the PAI Network?


I’m reading through the white paper and I’m not happy with one point. It says “only one PAI is made per individual on the PAI Network” this from my perspective should mean one account tied to your real-world ID, but still should allow for multiple PAI avatars, I’m not sure if I read it somewhere that it was for multiple avatars, but that might have meant being utilized in multiple locations but only one PAI to pull data from.

I understand as everyone has one “real world ID” but if PAI is for eg online and entertainment and commerce it should be more varied in what a PAI can be, as we don’t always want to represent as ourselves in virtual worlds and games, and some corporations represent themselves with mascots.

But I can see how this would be amazing to have our own “logged in” avatar to multiple games and services who can vend/sell on our behalf while I’m doing something else. I’ve had a .tel domain for many years and I was hoping they would integrate a personal avatar who can greet visitors and direct them to my current online content. it would be nice if they integrated it.

So anyway my request is to please allow more than one PAI avatar, have one for daily life the main ID one, and allow us to have other avatars for different services like games or entertainment.

I am hoping that there are some safeguards or suggestions to reduce the possibility of getting your PAI stolen and used without your permission.

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