Major Updates to the PAI Blockchain Block Explorer!

Hello Project PAI community! It’s been a big month, and Project PAI hopes everyone has been enjoying all the news that has been shared in the media and with all the loyal PAI Fans.

The worldwide team of developers who have pledged their time, energy, and brilliance to the development of the Project PAI Blockchain has also been working on some big improvements to the PAI Block Explorer!

Monitoring of Mempool Transactions


Want to check up on your PAI Coin transaction while you’re waiting for it to be added to the blockchain? Now you can with the Mempool tab. The Memory Pool - or Mempool for short - is an aggregation of transactions that are waiting to be confirmed and added to the blockchain. While the previous Block Explorer only displayed transactions that have been added to the blockchain, now with the Mempool feature, even those transactions waiting to be added to the block can be found and viewed.

What does this mean? Now when you send PAI Coin through a digital wallet - such as PAI Up, the digital wallet created by Project PAI’s developer community - the transaction is instantly viewable in the Mempool.You’ll be able to confirm that the transaction has been registered by the app, and added to the Mempool to await confirmation and addition to the blockchain. This helps users better track and manage all of their PAI Coin transactions without waiting for miners to add a block.

A Major Listing


Another nifty new feature is the inclusion of a Rich List on the Block Explorer. The Rich List is a list of all the PAI Coin wallet addresses and their corresponding balance, from highest to lowest. Now you can see where your wallet stands against the entire Project PAI economy, and view the daily shifts in the coin ecosystem.

Project PAI encourages everyone to take a look at the new Blockchain Explorer, test out the new features, and learn more about the inner workings of the PAI blockchain!

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