Internet Latency Test for PAI Improvements

Hello and welcome to the Internet Latency Test! Your participation is helpful for improving connectivity to the global PAI community and the user experience for the products of Project PAI. To test the connectivity, we just need you to download these two files,and keep track of the time it takes to download these files separately. You can also use your smartphone or any other device to keep track of the time. The links are available on the PAI Forum Post. Please comment on the post with four sets of readings: Download Hong Kong packet with VPN, Download Hong Kong packet without VPN, Download Singapore packet with VPN, and Singapore packet without VPN.

You can also fill in the survey by scanning the QR code below to submit your test results. Thanks again for your help!
Web Latency QR Code.png

Test URLs:

Hong Kong / 香港 :

Singapore / 新加坡 :