Hybrid Consensus: Quick Update Guide

The full release of the PAI Coin Node is here! Please use this repository when building and maintaining you own PAI Coin Full Node: https://github.com/projectpai/paicoin/releases

To update your full node for hybrid consensus compatibility, execute the following commands
in the paicoin repository directory.

First, stop the full node from running.

cd src
paicoin-cli stop
cd ..

Pull the latest version of the code and tags.

git fetch --tags
git pull

Next, if applicable, checkout the tagged version of code that you need. The following command
checks out the first release of PAI Coin Core that supports Hybrid Consensus.

git checkout 2.0.001

Finally, proceed with the following commands to build the new version.

make clean

Once the build completes, you can restart your full node by executing ./paicoind in