Building a global developer community for PAI

Project PAI Hackathon.png
Dear PAIyo's: These are some of the current PAI core developer group activities:

Maintenance: Current PAI protocol which includes PAI chain and PAI wallet

R&D: Proof of Useful Work papers

Development: Rolling out showcase apps such as PAIYO and PAI Coin Pool platforms

Some of the upcoming goals for the PAI core group remain:
1. Rolling out a robust web wallet
2. Creating on chain mining platform which is not just fair but also safe for the protocol and takes into account 51% attacks

In parallel, the core team is also aware that in order for PAI protocol to become truly global, it will need to enable new developers to also start contributing code to PAI and build apps which use PAI protocol. An early set of code and documentation has already been made open source:

In order to further grow the developer eco-system, PAI will soon start announcing grants and funding for developers to start building out new apps and game as well. PAI will also start rolling out its candy store to let enterprises take advantage of the robust PAI community which is currently growing at a very fast pace. An application process for developers will soon be rolled out as well.