Announcing The Launch of PAIYO for Year of the Rat 2020!

PAIYO Logo.jpg
As the great Chinese philosopher Laozi once said, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Today we have taken the first step to enable every user to build their own PAI (Personal AI) avatar using the PAIYO mobile app and to start using it to create their own original content using their PAI. This is just the beginning and many other features are being added as part of the PAIYO roadmap. The overall vision of PAIYO is detailed here:

As you go about downloading and using the app, we ask for your patience and forgiveness ahead of time if you find any bugs. We are working hard to bring new features online and meet the high demand for the app. If you need help, want to report a bug, or just give us some feedback and suggestions, please reach out at .

Download and Installation:

You can download the PAIYO app by going to: http://www.PAIYO.AI

The Android version of the app can be downloaded as an APK and installed on your Android device directly. If you have a phone or a version of the Android OS that is not supported by the current build, please let us know and we will try to schedule a fix in the future releases of the app.

Registration Process:

The registration process for PAIYO is very straight forward. You need to enter your email ID and then verify your phone number in order to start using the app. The phone number can be used in the future to restore your PAI.

Here’s a video demonstration of the registration process:

Set up PAI Wallet:

ObEN accepts PAI coin in the PAIYO app. In order to use PAI coin, you need to set up a PAI wallet within the app. Once your wallet is set up, you can use it for transactions within the app directly.

Here’s a video demonstration of how you can set up your wallet:

Make your PAI:

ObEN has created one of the world’s most advanced, patented technologies to make your 3D realistic avatar using just a 2D selfie from your phone.

Here’s a video demonstration of how you can make your own PAI from your mobile phone in seconds:

PAI Customization:

Once you make your PAI, you can change the entire body and facial features as well to customize it to your liking.

Here’s a video demonstration of how you can customize your PAI’s Body:

Dress up your PAI:

Once you customize the physical features of your PAI, you can then dress it up. You can choose from any of the clothing and footwear options.

Here’s a video demonstration of how you can dress up your PAI:

Year of the Rat outfits:

To celebrate the Year of the Rat, we have added some special Chinese New Year outfits that you can choose from. Here’s a video on these outfits:

Make your PAImojis:

We have made it very easy to make your own PAI stickers, emojis and gif’s. We refer to them as PAImojis. You can select from a few existing PAImojis for now. Here’s a video on how you can make your own PAImoji:

Share your PAImoji on WeChat:

Once you make your PAImoji, its time to share your creation with your friend circles. Here’s a video on how sharing works:

We hope you enjoy v1.0 of PAIYO and sharing the experience with friends, family, and on social media. We welcome your feedback and hope to hear from you. Thank you for all your patience and support!