08/03 - PAI Proof of Useful Work Updates

08/03 - PAI Proof of Useful Work Updates

Developer Challenges

While the Core Contributing team focuses its efforts primarily on the upcoming launch of Hybrid Consensus, we’ve designed some projects to guide developers in the community on how they can directly contribute to Proof of Useful Work.

Here, we present five projects of varying complexity. All high-quality submissions of project solutions will be rewarded a nominal amount of 1500 PAI Coin.

Additionally, for each of the four projects, one Grand Prize will be awarded to the best submissions completed by the due date. The Grand Prizes and corresponding due dates for each project are as follows.

Project Grand Prize Due Date
Docker Machine Setup 6000 PAI August 28, 2020
Byzantine Detector 6000 PAI August 28, 2020
General Computation 6000 PAI August 28, 2020
Grafana Dashboard 30000 PAI September 25, 2020
Merkle History Log 60000 PAI October 23, 2020

The same individual is welcome to submit solutions to multiple projects, but only one submission per individual per project is allowed.

Project solutions should be submitted as a well-documented and fully functional git repository. There are no other constraints. Projects will be judged by the core contributing developers on the following metrics:

  • Completeness
  • Code Quality (e.g., proper exception handling, coding conventions followed)
  • Usability (Ease of Use) & Portability
  • Reliability & Robustness
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Documentation Quality

Questions, comments, and (partial or complete) submissions can be sent to challenge@projectpai.com.