07/18: A Look Back on the Hybrid Consensus AMA

A Look Back on the Project PAI Hybrid Consensus AMA on 7/17

Dear Project PAI Community:

Project PAI Hybrid Consensus global community live AMA was successfully held on the morning of July 18, 2020, Beijing Time. We thank all PAIyos for your participation and continued support for Project PAI.

At the meeting, Dr. Mark Harvilla, the core contributor of Project PAI, introduced the current progress of the research and development of the PoW/PoS Hybrid Consensus mechanism. At present, the PAI Hybrid Consensus has completed developing its core technologies and deployed its testnet, and is in process of transitioning dependent services. The Mainnet version will be officially launched in September 2020. Additionally, Dr. Adam Zheng, co-founder of ObEN, an early adopter of the PAI blockchain, said that: Personal AI DApps on PAI chain will soon be applied in more commercial scenarios, and new products will be released soon.

The meeting also discussed the PCP tiered staking reward mechanism, which will be launched next week, and users who participate in the PCP staking will receive more rewards. In addition, PAI recently listed on two new exchanges, the Alameda OTC exchange and Live Coin (livecoin.net) exchange. Global community users can go to the new exchange to purchase PAI coins.

We thank you again for your support!

Download your copy of the PAI Hybrid Consensus AMA Slide Deck here:
Hybrid-Consensus-for-Secure-Decentralization_07172020.pdf (1.5 MB)