06/12 - PoUW AMA Post Update

06/12 - PoUW AMA Post Update

On June 12, 2020, Drs. Andrei Lihu and Mark Harvilla presented a detailed summary of Project PAI’s Proof of Useful Work (PoUW). Below, you’ll find links to the slides used in the presentation, and the repositories where the open-source implementations of PoUW are kept.

We encourage you to try out PoUW for yourself!

You can:

  • Clone the repositories.
  • Explore the code.
  • Build and run the implementations.
  • Modify the code.
    • Submit your proposed changes as a GitHub Pull Request! Project PAI Core Contributors will review your proposed changes and determine whether or not to merge your PR into the master branch.

Presentation: https://projectpai.com/assets/files/pouw/pouw_presentation-v4.pdf

PoUW Core Implementation: https://github.com/projectpai/pouw-main-iteration

PoUW Kubernetes: https://github.com/projectpai/pouw-k8s

We encourage you to post any comments or questions you have on this thread. Feel free to share your work as well!