06/08 - PAI Coin Pool Updates

:1st_place_medal: Announcing PAI Coin Pool GOLD! :1st_place_medal:

Subscribers will be offered a host of VIP services such as:

:100: Exclusive access to Project PAI partner apps and services

:moneybag: PAI Coin Promotions only available to GOLD members

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Increased Referral Rewards (specific amounts TBD)

:desktop_computer: A command-line version of PAI Miner
:v: More Mining & Staking Payouts
:cinema: Members-only Livestream events

For discounted and early access, visit


This exclusive subscription option will be available soon.

PAI Coin Pool

Last week, we implemented automatic reconnection and “Remember Me” features for PAI Miner. With Remember Me enabled, the PAI Miner application will automatically reconnect itself and continue mining if its connection is terminated. This should address reports of connectivity issues when mining. This new version of PAI Miner will be available soon.

PAI Coin Pool users who helped test PCP in Hong Kong have now been compensated for their efforts with the equivalent amount of PAI Coin they mined when testing. The top up is visible as an ADMIN CREDIT under the user’s Account Activity.

This week, we’ll continue implementing an updated UI that will enable you to see the number of Direct and Indirect Referrals you’ve successfully made to date, in addition to the total amount of Referral Rewards you’ve earned. A summary email outlining your weekly activity on PCP is also in the works. Stay tuned!