05/16: A Look Back on The 5/16 PAI AMA Livestream

05/16: A Look Back on The 5/16 PAI AMA Livestream

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Dear Project PAI Community:

Thank you for your supporting and participating in the Project PAI global community Tech Roadmap Livestream, and we thank all PAIyos for your continued support for Project PAI. With the efforts of our PAI global community and of the core team, the PAI Tech Roadmap Livestream was successfully hosted on May 16, 2020.

During the livestream, the President of Project PAI Foundation, Chuck Ng, introduced Project PAI’s archivements, R&D team, and global community since 2020. Nikhil Jain, the co-founder of ObEN and core contributor to PAI, introduced the products and technical plans for PAI chain, and released the PAI Global Developer Fund. PAI core contributor Dr. Mark Harvilla and PAI special advisor Dr. Yongzheng Jia introduced and demonstrated the core technologies of the PAI Blockchain (PoUW, Hybrid Consensus, PAI Pass, etc.).

The livestream attracted global PAIyos from North America, China, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia to participate. The leaders from the PAI global community made their self-introductions and summarized the work of the community development efforts. They are the community leaders in China: Shuang Run, PAI 99, Little star, and David Liao, the community leader in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, as well as the Japanese / Korean community associate Hyelee. At the end of the livestream, Shuangrun, the head of the Chinese community, summarized the questions from global PAIyos and discuss with the core R&D team of Project PAI.

We thank you again for your support!

Find the Full Slide Deck with the attachment below:
AMA - Tech Roadmap.pdf (4.5 MB)