05/11 - PAI Coin Pool Updates

PAI Coin Pool

  • PAI Coin Pool is running a promo! Starting on Friday, May 15 at 8 AM through Friday, May 22 at 11 PM, anyone who:
    • Creates a stake of at least 1,000 PAI Coin for 3 months or longer, OR
    • Mines 40,000 Lucky Hashes

will receive a bonus of 10 PAI Coin!

PAI Coin Pool

Last week, the PCP Referral :speaking_head:and Sign-Up Bonus System was finalized, extensively tested, and launched! :100: This week, as noted in the Announcements, we’ll be running a promotion and all users will have a chance to earn extra PAI! :money_with_wings:

Some other new features in the works include:

  • Making it easier for you to see the details of pending withdrawal requests and modify or cancel them, if necessary
  • Making it easier for you to share your referral code or link on your favorite social network
  • Sending you an email summary of your recent activity on PAI Coin Pool
  • Showing you more details about your Referral Rewards earnings