04/13 - PAI Coin Pool Updates

Last week, the team continued working on PAI Coin Pool optimizations, plugging away at PAI Hybrid Consensus, and began an effort to migrate PAI Forum to a new framework.

PAI Coin Pool

Last week, for PAI Coin Pool, the team focused on optimization work and infrastructure work.


Continuing on the previous week’s optimization work to support higher-than-expected hash rates, we have implemented further optimizations that will allow the platform to scale more efficiently and reliably as our user base grows.

:point_right:Hong Kong Testnet

Our DevOps team set up a copy of PAI Coin Pool in Hong Kong which uses the PAI Coin testnet.

PAI Coin Pool HK testnet


PAI chain explorer HK testnet


This week, we’ll work with YOU on PAI Miner Connectivity testing. We also plan to begin implementing the PAI Coin Pool sign-up bonus and referral system. We had originally planned to start that work last week, but the Hong Kong testnet setup delayed us a bit. Finally, we will have another withdrawal approval period starting on April 15 at 9 AM PDT.

:point_right:Mining Connectivity Testing

We’ll need your help with testing the Hong Kong version of PAI Coin Pool. Your tests will confirm whether or not relocating to Hong Kong resolves the PAI Miner connectivity issues that you’ve brought to our attention. To compensate you for your time and resources, any testnet coin that you mine in Hong Kong will be converted to real PAI Coin and deposited in your official PAI Coin Pool account. The details on how to participate and make sure you receive your reward can be found here: https://www.paiforum.com/post/pai-coin-pool-hk-server-test

:point_right:Feature Developments

The team shared a proposal for increasing user engagement via incentives like Referral Bonuses, Sign-up Bonuses, and Tiered Block Rewards. Planning for these features has been underway and development will start this week.