04/06 - PAI Coin Pool Updates

Last week, the team was mostly focused on PAI Coin Pool (https://paicoinpool.com)—the new mining, staking, and wallet platform launched last month—and PAI Hybrid Consensus, a safer mining and staking protocol that will allow PAI to operate in a more decentralized way.

PAI Coin Pool

Last week, for PAI Coin Pool, the team did some optimization work, testing, and squashed a UI bug :bug:.


We have to admit — we were pleasantly surprised by the high degree of interest in PAI Coin mining. (The pool hash rate exceeded 5 GH/s at one point! That’s a lot.) Because of this, one of the database tables that PAI Coin Pool uses to track activity grew really, really large, causing some slowdowns in the PCP Dashboard. To address this, PAI Coin developers reindexed the database table and further optimized the database query on the backend. Further optimization is planned for next week.


To prepare for our first round of withdrawals last week, some maintenance and testing was necessary to ensure withdrawals would go smoothly. Secondly, with your help, we have been testing reported connectivity issues from users in Mainland China. We’re using that information to determine the best way to permanently solve the problem. Stay tuned through this week.

:point_right:UI Bug

Thanks to the PAI Community, we received a report of a UI bug that caused some deposits to appear twice. So, if you deposited, say, 100 PAI Coin, your account would show a balance of 200. An obscure UI bug caused this problem to occur for a very small number of users (less than 10, to be exact), and it’s been resolved.

This week, for PAI Coin Pool, we’ll be focused on further optimizations, ongoing testing, and feature developments.

:point_right:Feature Developments

The team shared a proposal for increasing user engagement via incentives like Referral Bonuses, Sign-up Bonuses, and Tiered Block Rewards. Planning for these features has been underway and development will start this week.